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The only Non-destructive, Precise Excavation

American Vac Services Hydroexcavator uses pressurized water to break up clay, rocks, gravel, soil and other debris or materials.  A powerful vacuum simultaneously extracts the resulting slurry of the liquified soil cover into a holding tank onboard the hydrovac, for later disposal. 

American Vac Services hydrovac can also safely dig in frozen ground, with the aid of onboard heaters; meeting your winter excavation needs.

Project Types

Precision excavations

Utility, pipe and line locations

Daylighting underground infrastructure

Excavation in frozen ground

Mud recovery for Directional Drilling 

Pipe and line installation

Street lights/ exact footings

Valve box clean out

Drill rig cleanup

Emergency response

Water-line repair

Slot Trenching


Pit cleaning

Spill Cleanup

Tunneling under foundations

Emergency trenching and precise tunneling

Exposure of live gas distribution lines

Who Benefits:


Line Contractors

Underground Utilities

Rural Electric/ Municipalities

City Water

Natural Gas



Fiber Optic


Service Areas

AVS Service Areas in Idaho

  • Treasure Valley
  • Magic Valley
  • Wood River Valley
  • ...... and more.  
  • Where are your needs? 

AVS can save you MONEY

Avoid costly mistakes with AVS

Eliminates Underground Locates

Hydrovac excavation eliminates the time and expenses for staking and locating underground lines.  Potholing is safe and non-destructive, eliminating the requirements for staking.

How much would this cost your project?

eliminate underground gas breaks

No risk of hitting or breaking underground gas lines with a Hydrovac Excavator. 

Other costs of underground line damage?

American Vac Services saves time, expensive repairs, reputations for underground contractors



Delay of project


AVS can save you MONEY

Eliminate blue staking/ locates (time and money)

Avoid costs of reputation, time and delay from underground utility destruction

Non-destructive. Precise. SAFE

Detailed Trenching

Eliminates manual labor/shoveling



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